LinkFeed Info

LinkFeed is a free service to create short links to popular items.

If you have ever sent a link to a product page via Email or post it on a forum you are aware of the problem that really long URLs links can cause by being broken. LinkFeed allows you to create short URLs on the fly. Other short URL services require you to go to their site to create the URL. With LinkFeed, you can create the URL anywhere, at any time. You might not have to ever visit this site again once you know how easy it is to create your short LinkFeed URLs to popular sites such as

Short Codes

  • Amazon - am amazon
  • LiquidWeb - lw liquidweb
  • Microsoft Store - microsoft

Sample Tags

The LinkFeed URL has required and optional parameters. The [sitecode] is a site specific code for the chosen destination, such as am for The [item] parameter is the specific information that you want to link to, for example, the ASIN/ISBN for a item at Amazon (as seen in the sample below.)[sitecode]/[item]


The LinkFeed Bookmarklet installs easily and lets you quickly create a short URL with one click. The LinkFeed Bookmarklet works in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari on virtually all platfors.

Once the LinkFeed Bookmarklet is ready, just go to the page that you want a short URL for and click on the LinkFeed Bookmarklet. A window will pop-up with the link ready to copy.

Currently the LinkFeed Bookmarklet is being revised.


LinkFeed is not just another short URL service like LinkFeed allows you to create short URLs without having to visit this site. Just follow the directions and you can type short URLs on the fly to use in Email, txt msgs, and IM msgs without having to worry about line wrap and other things that easily break many site URLs.

More On The Way

We are rebuilding the entire backend of LinkFeed to provide even more sites and better performance. We appreciate your patience during this time.